5 Tips to Get Your Video Featured

You’re looking to create a video, or a series of films, and you want them to be shared / go viral.  But, to start that process, you need to get those films in to prominent positions on channels that people naturally visit.  But how to do that?

One very good approach is to return to good, old fashioned storytelling, but in a new digital channel form.  These are my five tips on how to get channels like iTunes  and Aol to promote your content in their featured video sections – doing your marketing for you at no cost!

1.  Have great storytellers in your film.  Find the great characters within your organisation, not the MD or CEO.  A Siemens Energy film picked up for top banner promotion on iTunes featured a worker who played the electric guitar.  Another who flew a light aircraft.  These people and picture sequences made the film much more compelling.

2. Get rid of the corporate logo at the beginning.  You’re making a film for distribution, not a corporate video for your own website or event.  Add a corporate logo and channels just won’t take it – it’s their editorial policy.  The same thing applies to logos at the end of a film. Instead, be creative, have titles and credits instead – just like actual films do.

3. Think about your production vales.  These should be high, but not necessarily with a high cost. The use of tracking, lighting and great framing doesn’t need to break the bank, but can deliver extra bang for your buck (please excuse the over use of alliteration).

4. The most successful businesses have innovation at their core. Innovation makes for great stories. These stories don’t need to be the grand narrative of your business, they can be one small new idea.

5. Tell the story, or get your Writer / Director / Editor to create a structure for a story.  Most of TV and film has a storyline that is made more powerful as part of the production process.  Creativity through craft skills delivers a story.

At Green.TV ,we sum this up with the three S approach to video: find the storytellers, the scientific, and the surprising – and drop the logo.

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