Achieving Global Consensus

Madame Gro Harlem Brundtland and Jim MacNeil, key leaders in the Brundtland Commission, held public hearings in cities and slums around the world to create Our Common Future in 1987. In doing so, they broke through ideological barriers and found a way to reach consensus.

Ray Anderson Memorial Interviews
In 2011, The Regeneration Project interviewed 20 sustainable development Pioneers from business, government and civil society. These Pioneers, notable for their long term commitment to sustainable development,* generously shared their experiences and insights in a video series called the Ray Anderson Memorial Interviews, in honor of the late sustainable business leader, Founder and Chairman of Interface Inc., Ray Anderson.
Their collective wisdom forms the foundation of The Regeneration Project. In these interviews, we talked to the Pioneers about regeneration: how to achieve it and whether there is still time. We heard about the sizeable hurdles as well as the incremental and more fundamental wins of the sustainable development journey over the last two decades.

We will be releasing new videos from the series every week on GREEN.TV.

For more info: The Regeneration Project

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