Achuar – Dream Readers of Amazon

Why do we dream? A short video about the magical Achuar tribe and their dream reading, in the Amazon forest of Ecuador. This 1min 30sec video tries to capture the beauty of Ecuador with it’s valley of volcanoes, the cloud forests, the Amazon jungles and of course the enchanting Achuar and their amazing philosophy of reading dreams. Film by Nitin Das, Shortlisted for WWF’s Life. Nature. You. Make the Connection. film competition.

This film was shortlisted for WWF’s film competition Life. Nature. You. Make the Connection. 

The competition, aimed at emerging talent, asked filmmakers to produce original films, up to a maximum of 2 minutes, on the theme “Life. Nature. You make the Connection”. WWF was looking for films that would inspire people to value and protect their natural environment.

Author & Copyright: Nitin Das

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