Renewable Energy is an ‘absolute necessity’ Part Three

WWF hosted a press conference on the 25th April at the Foreign Office with Ministers from the UK, Denmark and Germany. WWF’s Samantha Smith, who was speaking alongside UK Climate Change Minister Greg Barker and ministers from Denmark and Germany, said: “The International Energy Agency warned this morning that failure to invest urgently in renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies could lock the world into temperature increases of up to 6˚C, substantially above the global goal to prevent temperature rises of more than 2˚C. To address this threat, decarbonising our energy systems and moving towards renewable forms of energy is an absolute necessity.

“But it is also an opportunity too. WWF research shows that a large-scale transition to renewable energy globally can be done with today’s technology, to provide energy for the entire world’s population.

Greg Barker, UK Minister of State for Energy and Climate Change, said: “We are committed to ensuring the UK meets its 2050 climate objective, which has been designed to limit global temperature increases to around 2 degrees. In order to reduce our emissions by 80% by 2050, we need to accelerate progress in the development of clean energy technologies.
“This week we will be signing a number of agreements with visiting Ministers, and encouraging the private sector to bring forward investments to help develop renewables, energy efficiency and entrepreneurship at a faster rate.”

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