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The power of digital technology to positively transform the way we live is immense. To help us understand the impact of digital technology on people’s lives and to give a flavour of the broader digital story, Virgin Media invited some experts to offer their thoughts. In One Day Soon, Lancaster University’s Professor Michael Hulme, James Murphy of The Future Foundation and Kevin Baughan from Virgin Media describe their predictions for an exciting digital future…

To read about Kevin’s reflections after appearing in the film, and to share your views about using digital technology to build a more sustainable future, check out the new Virgin Media sustainability blog at

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2 Responses to “The digital future – One Day Soon”

  1. Anna Johnstone November 18, 2011 at 1:03 pm #

    Really enjoyed the film – I think we are well on our way to a hybrid digital/physical existence. As long as we retain an understanding of the challenges that digital presents, we can use its potential to build positive connections between individuals / communities / countries, and together find innovative ways to make better use of, and reduce the strain on, natural resources and materials.

  2. Angela Flynn November 19, 2011 at 2:05 am #

    No doubt that our digital technology has made communications easier, but the cost of this needs to be better examined. Today I see people who talk to someone on a phone and not to the people around them. We are being fragmented. And what does better governance mean? How does the digital age advance this?

    But the real issue that is ignored with digital is the wireless radiation. We need to minimize this. Most cities in the U.S. are already over the safety guidance levels for Russia, China, Switzerland, Italy and Morocco. That is set at about 10 microwatts per centimeter squared (uW/cm2). The guidance level in the U.S. is 1,000. People are having severe to moderate health damage from this exposure. I, for one, cannot sleep in this high microwave environment. Anecdotal evidence shows that this is a common symptom. A lack of sleep can cause serious health effects if it is prolonged. Microwave exposure has been shown to have carcinogenic effects and it was recently classified as a class 2B carcinogen by the WHO. The future will be bright if we face the reality of what we are doing. A good website to check out is Please, for the sake of human kind, minimize your exposure to microwaves coming from wireless DECT cordless phones, WiFi, Smart Phones, TV systems, baby monitors, Smart Meters, Pads and Computers, etc. Keep these devices out of the bedroom and turned off when not in use.

    We need everyone functioning at their best and brightest if we are going to see our way though this environmental crisis we face. It’s really a no brainer – do not microwave your brain any more than absolutely necessary.

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